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LINCONE Fee Schedule

Share Checking Account
Transfer from shares to cover NSF draft $5.00 item
Transfer from overdraft protection to cover NSF $5.00 item
NSF paid by Courtesy Pay Overdraft
  • Fee subject to ACH, Share Drafts, and other Withdrawals
  • Repayment of Courtesy Pay Overdraft is due within 30 days of payment
  • Courtesy Pay Overdraft will not advance the amount if it exceeds $500.00
$35.00 item
Overdraft/returned item $35.00 item
Stop payment orders (member check) $35.00 item
Stop payment orders (credit union check) $35.00 item
Check copies $3.00 item
Check printing fees $ varies
Money Market Account
Below minimum balance $15.00 month
Excess withdrawal fee $5.00 item
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Reopening of closed IRA account $10.00 occurrence
ATM excessive foreign transactions(See #1 below) $3.00 transaction
ATM foreign balance inquiry $3.00 occurrence
Returned deposit/payment $20.00 item
Outgoing wire $25.00 item
Incoming wire $10.00 item
International wire (outgoing) $50.00 item
International wire (incoming) $10.00 item
International wire (return) $35.00 item
International check negotiation $20.00 item
ACH origination setup $5.00 onetime
ACH return $35.00 item
ACH origination return $35.00 item
Account reconciliation/research
($30 min charge, added time charged by qrtr hour)
$30.00 hour
Bill payer inactivity $5.00 month
Credit Union checks $5.00 item
Credit Union cashiers checks $5.00 item
Credit Union check copies $3.00 item
Money Orders $3.00 item
Re-open membership $20.00 occurrence
Dormant account $5.00 occurrence
All Statement copies $5.00 item
Account history copy $1.00 per page
Account number change $10.00 occurrence
VISA card international transaction $ varies
Cash Advance Foreign Credit Card $5.00 item
Item held for collection $15.00 item
VISA Gift Card $5.00 item
VISA Pre-Paid Card $5.00 item
VISA Travel Card $5.00 item
VISA Check/Credit/Debit Card replacement $20.00 item
VISA Check/Credit Card replacement-RUSH $40.00 occurrence
Garnishments/Levies $35.00 occurrence
Bad address fee $5.00 item
Late payment fee (after 15 days) $35.00 occurrence
Check cashing fee (See below # 2) $ varies
Coin Countin Fee Coin > $50.00       $5.00
Coin > $100.00     $10.00
#1 Charged for each transaction in excess of 2 (two) per month performed at non CO-OP ATMs.
#2 Check Cashing Fee: $1.00 per $100.00 of check amount, maximum fee of $5.00. (Fee waived if any one of the conditions are met: average aggregate balance of $500 in savings for previous 3 months; active & current loan; age 18 or younger; Age 55+; 50% of check deposited.)